Global Transfer Process

Global Transfer Process (GTP) is an IT consultancy firm that strives to build bridges. Why is there a need to build bridges? Many companies now a days, put their focus on: implementing processes, improving their efficiency, reducing their overall costs and in data analysing their stored information. This all in order to deliver their services faster to the ever changing demand. All these initiatives are projects performed by different department, different branches and by different stakeholders. There is no cross over collaboration or a holistic organisational approach, resulting that most initiatives or projects don’t deliver according to their expectations. There is a strong need to combine all these initiatives and to visualise the interfaces and dependencies between all initiatives crystal clear. That is building bridges. Even a company or organisation with very efficient departments needs bridges to connect them. Without a sufficient flow of communication and information between the different departments, any company is susceptible to errors and inefficiency.

Departments need to interact. For example: When people aren’t using the IT tools correctly, then the information extracted from them may be inaccurate or incomplete.

Bridges may be missing or obstructed. We build bridges, mend bridges and also restore bridges because not all obstructions can be removed and GTP (since 1991) always aims for a practical solution that brings optimum results.

GTP can be of assistance in optimising your organisation.

Process Management

Processes should be planned and monitored carefully. GTP specialises in analysing, visualising and optimising all key organisational processes. Some of our activities in this field: creating and implementing Release & Deployment management procedures, analysing and optimising current Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) processes and creating documentation & training for Service Transition Processes, upgrade and connecting existing IT tooling and provide support.

Organisation Management

By Organisation Management we mean the guidance of people within an organisation. GTP has a considerable amount of experience in dealing with individuals, teams and boards of directors in order to obtain commitment and an efficient workflow.

Technology Management

The technology provides an organisation with the means to collect, store, access and adapt data. The tools need a precise fit with its purpose. A surplus of capabilities doesn’t improve processes. GTP can be an objective advisor when choosing the correct tool and we support migration processes.

Information Management

Information Management means the collection and management of data from one or more sources and the distribution of that data to anyone that requires it and is authorised to access the information. GTP can help you to analyse your information flows and to make optimum use of your databases.